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Recycling Q&A

Why Recycle?

You Asked, We Answered

In Greenstar's quarterly newsletter, our readers sound off with their recycling questions.  Here are some of the questions and answers:

Q: Do I need to take labels off jars and cans before recycling?

A: Don't worry about removing labels.  They are burned off during the recycling process.

Q: How do I calculate my recycling rate?

A: Your recycling rate is the amount of recycling divided by the amount of total waste generated (trash + recycling).

You can find more answers below or by submitting a question to   Your question might even be answered in next quarter's newsletter.

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Q: Can I recycle my pizza box?
A: YES. Usually recyclers are just concerned with the food contamination. Discard any food scraps and put it in your recycling bin.
Q: What's wrong with plastic bags?
A: Plastic bags jam up the recycling machines and some consider them harmful to the environment. Either way, do NOT place these in your curbside recycle bin – bring your own for shopping and recycle your plastic bags at the store.
Q: Can I recycle soap containers with residual soap?
A: Yes!  Give it a quick rinse to remove most of the residue and place into your recycling bin.
Q:  Why can't I recycle wire hangers?
A: Wire hangers can damage recycling equipment and cause safety issues. Reuse or return them to your dry cleaner instead.
Q: Should I leave the caps on my bottles when I recycle them?
A: Our typical position is to please remove bottle caps whenever possible. The caps are small and if they come off the bottles in transit they can fall through sorting screens and contaminate other materials.

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