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Quality Service and Maximum Scrap Paper Revenue - Domestic and International

As one of the nation's premier paper recyclers since 1910, Greenstar's Paper Division provides a specialized service for high grade paper. 

Greenstar is one of the few companies that utilize an independent third-party system of verified weights, measures and waste grading.  All of our payments are tied into a national trade journal which allows you to monitor and budget for the true value for your waste paper.

Our team of paper professionals has extensive experience working with printers, packaging companies, office complexes, and industrial paper generators. Greenstar will design a paper recycling program customized to suit your needs.

Whatever waste removal challenges you face, Greenstar will serve as your partner to create the best possible program that will maximize revenue while ensuring timely service. Contact us and put us to work for you.

Paper & Cardboard Purchases

Through our extensive international markets, Greenstar offer your company the maximum return for your paper.  Our marketing staff works with consuming paper mills to guarantee our customers receive the best markets for their paper.  Whatever recycling services your company needs, Greenstar will customize a program dedicated to serving you.

Let us add to your bottom line!

Cashless Equipment Program

Equipment with no upfront cost to you.

Greenstar goes beyond service and payments to improve your bottom line through recommendations and production efficiencies. Our Cashless Equipment Program helps companies eliminate out-of-pocket costs for paper handling equipment by subsidizing it through your monthly service.

In addition to all these benefits, Greenstar will provide all the necessary recycling and other handling equipment your firm requires to operate more efficiently.

Dedicated to Customer Service

As a fourth-generation business established in 1910, Greenstar's Paper Division has sustained continuous growth through its dedication to customer service.

We know that service is fundamental to our customers. We pride ourselves on our "24-Hour Service" policy. The policy guarantees that whenever you need a paper pickup, we are available 24 hours a day.

Affiliated with plants located throughout the United States and Mexico, Greenstar can accommodate virtually any location in the country.

Waste Review

Greenstar will determine your company's unique needs and create a custom program based on a waste review by one of our professionals. All we need is 10 minutes to do a brief walk through of your plant. We will examine the quantity and grades of recyclable waste produced, outline ways to streamline your processes, point out potential labor savings, and then provide a detailed report of estimated volumes and scrap revenues.

We understand that dealing with scrap paper can be a daily inconvenience, and we want to relieve that burden by processing your recyclable paper through the most efficient and productive means possible. That's been our goal for nearly 100 years and we look forward to partnering with your company to continue our goal throughout the next century.


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