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Recycling - Led Waste Management

The traditional approach to waste management is antiquated.  We provide waste management services with a total commitment to landfill avoidance and transparency. 

No landfills:

We don't own landfills, so there is no incentive for us to fill them. Instead, Greenstar is solely committed to recycling and creating customized programs for our customers that suit their specific objectives and needs. 

Full transparency:

Greenstar provides detailed, online reporting for services rendered with full visibility to prices paid for materials.  Customers know that they receive the best possible prices for their materials and can clearly calculate the cost savings.  Our reporting process also includes carbon calculations - emissions reductions achieved through the recycling programs. 

Long term:

Greenstar offers customers a consistent, flexible and long-term approach - a direct result of our strong, stable backing (privately held - no private equity). 

Case Studies:

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Let us know what you're looking for. We tailor our business to yours. 

Managed services:

  • Waste stream analysis - determining what can be eliminated or reduced
  • Recommendation of proactive and sustainable recycling solutions (reduce, reuse, recycle) designed to meet the specific characteristics of your company and the types of recyclables collected
  • Establishment of measurable, definable and achievable goals and time lines
  • Detailed reporting - business and environmental performance tracked with strong IT capabilities
  • On-site equipment - purchased or leased at competitive rates
  • Competitive vendor bidding and selection
  • Invoice auditing and consolidation
  • Source "clean" or "mixed" recycling loads to Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

A watchful eye on the budget.

Greenstar will develop and manage the budget for your recycling program and will be accountable for monitoring and reporting expenditures and income.

Benefit the environment and your bottom line.



Over 4,500 Managed Locations


AEG Worldwide Banana Republic Bed Bath & Beyond
Brookshire Brothers Bergner's Carson Pirie Scott
Countrywide Financial Elder Beerman GAP
Horizon Bay Houston Dynamo Hy-Vee
Lowe's Companies Merrill Lynch Office Depot
Office Max Old Navy Younkers
The Bon-Ton Stores The Boston Store


- and other leading companies.

Protect and Preserve Resources

Pursuing a noble cause
Going green can be defined as achieving environmental sustainability— a topic that is receiving ever-increasing attention from business quarters.

Environmental sustainability ensures that the use of resources and the impact of the environment today does not harm the availability of resources or the health of the environment for future generations. For businesses, this means adopting strategies and tactics that meet the current needs and obligations of the enterprise while protecting and preserving precious natural resources.

This is a paradigm shift in the way corporations must view and treat waste. At Greenstar, we strongly believe in this philosophy and are driving up standards within the U.S. recycling infrastructure.

Avoiding global resource depletion requires a commitment to recycling as a viable economic alternative to dumping waste in landfills. Greenstar stands ready to help your business fulfill that commitment by providing sustainable, recycling-led waste management solutions.

Meeting legal obligations
The waste disposal need of businesses are also changing radically due to a growing number of national and international environmental directives.

For many businesses, proper waste management is not only environmentally sound, it is also lawfully mandated. At Greenstar, we are well versed in waste management legalities and have the resources and expertise to help your business achieve compliance.

Enhancing your company's reputation
Businesses that reduce their carbon footprint—by reducing pollution, using renewable energy or decreasing landfill waste—realize a residual benefit: an improved image. In fact, environmental initiatives, when effectively promoted, can attract new customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Benefiting your bottom line
Many North American businesses are recycling more not only for environmental, regulatory and public relations reasons, but also because it is increasingly cost-effective to do so. Greenstar is helping more and more businesses go green and save money in the process. We can help your business do the same.


Calculate the Impact of Recycling

Greenstar connects your recycling success with the broader environmental movement.  We provide detailed reports showing the carbon offset gained through recycling efforts to our customers - helping them to monitor their environmental progress and report back to their customers and constituents on their impact. 

Greenstar Advantages

  • Creative financing options for equipment, including rental, lease, lease-to-own and direct purchase
  • Timeliness assured via real-time web reports and e-payments
  • Reporting that demonstrates the environmental and economic gains of recycling
  • Cost-cutting measures such as adjusting small bin service-level to match store sales volume
  • Scalability ensured by Greenstar's domestic and overseas resources and continued growth
  • Competitive service rates and recycling commodity payments backed by a large parent company

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