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"Dear Gordon,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance to the town of Wyckoff.  The recycling event you encouraged Wyckoff to participate in - shredding of personal documents was very successful and very well received by our residents.  It was because of your insistence that we participated and now it has become a  bi-annual recycling event. 

Our next shredding event is sponsored by the Bergen County Utility Authority and is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2012 at our recycling center.  We feel that by holding this event at our recycling center, it will create more community awareness and generate greater participation by our residents. 

The Township of Wyckoff appreciates the resources Greenstar offered.  This recycling event will help Wyckoff approach our Nifty-Fifty goal and make our community greener."

Robert J. Shannon, Jr., 3-15-2012
Township Administrator
Township of Wyckoff


"To Whom It May Concern,

Greenstar Recycling has been our recycling processor since January, 2010.  They have provided an essential service for the recycling portion of our business.  By working with Greenstar we have made a very positive environmental impact with our recycling efforts and they have been a great aid to us in implementing successful recycling programs.  We are in constant contact with them to gain a higher level of success and develop new ways to market our recycling services to customers.  Greenstar has proven to be an excellent recycling partner with professional customer service and a willingness to help in any way possible.  I would highly recommend Greenstar for all of your recycling needs.

Matthew C. May, 2-22-2012
Best Trash


"To Whom It May Concern,

Adventist Health System implemented a recycling led solid waste reduction program with Greenstar to meet several initiatives for our organization. As a Christian based organization we always consider stewardship as part of our decision making process and believe what we do with the gifts we have ultimately determines the amount of good that can be provided. By working with Greenstar we have made a very positive environmental impact with our recycling activities effectively reducing the impact we have on our precious resources.

Our initial goal was to develop a program our facilities could implement that would reduce the volume of solid waste going to our land fields. As a result of this reduction we needed a way to divert reusable or recyclable waste that could ultimately be reprocessed or repurposed. We have implemented several programs to address this but the most beneficial has been our relationship with Greenstar to develop and implement an AHS Recycling Program.

Over the last two years, Adventist Health and Greenstar have impacted a million dollar solid waste stream spend by eliminating thousands of pounds of land field material while producing revenue and savings that have resulted in close to a 40% reduction of final cost. As a result we have successful met our initial goals and look forward to taking our recycling program to an even higher level of effectiveness in the future.

We have always enjoyed a very professional open relationship throughout the years that we have worked together. The benefits with Greenstar grows daily as they continue to identify better ways we can effectively and efficiently manage and reduce all our waste streams."

James Shirley MFE, CMRP, 2-17-2012
Corporate Contracting
Adventist Health System


"I would like to thank Gordon Sabol and Greenstar Recycling for helping us to coordinate our Shred and Electronics Event on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

 The event was extremely successful as we filled an 18 cubic foot truck with electronics as well as a 24 cubic foot truck with shredded paper.  This event keeps these materials out of landfills."

Lisa Schieli, 1-12-2012
Recycling Coordinator
City of Maywood



Thanks! Also, I wanted to send you an email separately about your talk in my class. I just received their student evaluations on their thoughts of the class. Nearly all of them put down that they loved your presentation and marked it as one of the highlights of the class. Many of them stated that it was the best guest speaker or the most informative speaker they had seen in their time here at Cal. I just wanted to pass that along to let you know how much they enjoyed it.

Thanks again for everything and happy holidays!"

Lisa Lohr, 12-15-2011
Geology Faculty
California University of PA


"Dear Greenstar,

It's hard to believe that two months have gone by since our Family Festival Celebration Day in October.  I would like to take the opportunity during this holiday season to thank you for your support.  You were an important part of the success of this community wide celebration!  It took a lot of hard work and dedication to plan, organize, and implement the town day and you helped to make it all possible.

Our Town Day went extremely well with close to 2,000 people enjoying such a wide array of fun, food and festivities.  The cooperation was wonderful.  After several days of rain, we were very lucky to have such good weather.

Again, thank you for participating in this Family Festival Day--the support, enthusiasm, and volunteerism were exceptional!  Your commitment to the community is greatly appreciated.  Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!"

Janet Sobkowicz, 12-15-2011


"Dear Mr. Sabol,

On behalf of the officers and members of the Golden Seniors of the Township of Washington, I would like to thank you for the lovely bags that you gave to us.  They are attractive and useful and we all appreciate your generosity."

Frances Karabin, 12-10-2011
Corresponding Secretary
Township of Washington, New Jersey


"Dear Brian (and your fabulous staff),

Thank you so very much for hosting the recycling tours!  We've received great feedback from everyone involved!  One student is even starting a recycling program at her school!  Thanks again!"

OKC Beautiful Staff , 11-22-2011


"OKC Beautiful would like to thank you for your help in celebrating America Recycles Day!  We were able to host two events this year: A Behind the Scenes: Recycling Tour at Greenstar Recycling and OKC Beautiful's first recycled art contest.  These events encouraged participants to "take the pledge" to learn about the recycling options in their community and actively reduce waste by recycling.

OKC Beautiful appreciates your continued support and the opportunity to educate our community about the importance of recycling and the benefits of helping the environment.  We appreciate your participation and look forward to working with you next year!"

Lisa Synar, 11-22-2011
Executive Director
OKC Beautiful


"I recently visited both San Antonio facilities and was able to speak to the General Manager about the operations. I was impressed with how well run both facilities are considering the large volume of recyclables that flow through them. Greenstar has been a great community partner for many years and I look forward to seeing them help San Antonio achieve the recently adopted "Pathways to Zero Waste" plan by the year 2020."

Adam Greenup, 9-28-2011
Senior Policy Advisor to Mayor Castro
San Antonio, TX


"Dear Mr. Sabol,

I want to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of the City of Paterson Division of Recreation Soccer program.  Thank you for the tickets to the soccer game.  The kids and coaches had a great time.

Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful in allowing us to attend a wonderful Houston Dynamo game at PPL Park.

Your assistance means so much to us, but even more to the City of Paterson Division of Recreation Instructional soccer league.  Please feel free to come visit our camp anytime and share the joy of our campers and their love for the game of soccer."

Danilo E. Inoa Sr., 08-11-2011
Supervisor, Division of Recreation
City of Paterson, New Jersey


"Dear Mr. Sabol,

On behalf of the Wyckoff Environmental Commission and Green Team, I would like to thank you for taking the time to grant our group a tour of your Paterson facility.

Due to a scheduling conflict I was not able to attend, but several members informed me that your facility was very impressive and the tour very interesting and educational.  All who attended appreciated the opportunity.

One of our goals is to raise awareness in our community regarding recycling and how our citizens can increase their household recycling rate.  The opportunity that you afforded us has given us some valuable knowledge that we can use to educate Wyckoff, in order that we may improve our recycling efforts."

Alex Cascardo, 06-23-2011
Environmental Commissioner
Town of Wyckoff, New Jersey


"I think Greenstar does incredible work and is a remarkable company. Your efforts to raise awareness about sustainable recycling solutions are both helpful and necessary. Congratulations on the amazing and progressive work you did with the United Nations and being the FIRST to launch single stream recycling in Houston. Way to go Greenstar!!"

Amanda, 6-20-2011
Houston, TX


"I have worked with Greenstar for several years now and would highly recommend their services. They are extremely responsive to our requests and their service is top-notch. Our service representative is always willing to help adapt and grow our recycling program so the program meets our needs. In addition, they support our sustainability efforts on-site by partnering with us for special offerings during key events, like our annual Earth Day Celebration."

Sharon, 6-17-2011
San Antonio , TX


"Greenstar provides service on-time week after week making our job easier and manageable. Our Representative is very receptive to our needs and answers our questions on a timely manner. On-site support for events is excellent."

Richard, 6-17-2011
San Antonio, TX


"Working with Greenstar has been very easy from the start. Our recycle prgram is complex and they are able to help with everything we need. They are prompt to answer any of our questions and help resolve problems that come up. I would recomend their services to anyone we do business with in San Antonio."

Brandon, 6-13-2011
San Antonio, TX


"Greenstar has been a great partner for Printing-X-Press. Financially we have come out very much ahead of other vendors and their process is clean and easy. I would recommend them to anyone with recycling needs."

Tad Molloy, 6-3-2011


"Dear Gordon,

Thank you for providing the vehicle from All Shred Services this past Saturday at Wyckoff Town Hall.  The response from the residents was overwhelming and positive.  I am told this was the most positive response you have experienced through making this service available.

I received many compliments on the program and resident requests for the event to be rescheduled.  Please advise me if we can re-schedule the vehicle for another Saturday in the fall.  We plan to promote the event with our single stream recycling information.

Thanks to GREENSTAR RECYCLING and you for providing this event to the Township of Wyckoff."

Robert Shannon, 05-02-2011
Township Administrator
Town of Wyckoff, New Jersey


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